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Real Estate Sales Increase by 11% in Greater Edmonton in 2014

The real estate market in the Greater Edmonton Area (GEA) cooled off in December, as it usually does. As you can see from our market snapshot below, the market overall is still ahead of last year: The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton released their monthly report on the GEA real estate market, and summarized some annual stats […]


Real Estate Market Finishes Strong in Edmonton in December

Happy New Year!! The real estate market closed out the year in Edmonton as it normally does, albeit with slightly higher sales than we typically see. 442 single family homes sold in Edmonton in December, up 5.74% from last December. Condo sales were considerably higher than we typically see in December. 278 condos sold in […]


Average Real Estate Price Jumps in November in Greater Edmonton Area

We often see an increase in average prices at the end of the year in the Greater Edmonton Area and November was no exception. Demand for real estate remains strong, and even with a jump in new listings, strong sales have kept inventory lower than previous years. The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton released their monthly report […]


Edmonton Single Family Homes Reach Record Price in November

Our preliminary look at the real estate market for November, 2014, shows single family home sales were well ahead of recent years, as they’ve pretty much been all year. There were 693 single family home sales reported in November, up 15.7% from last November. Condo sales were right inline with 2013 for the second month in […]


Experts Agree: Edmonton’s the Place to Be

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton released their monthly report on the Greater Edmonton Real Estate market yesterday showing an active real estate market. The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) also released a report yesterday, showing Edmonton and Calgary as the best markets to invest in real estate in Canada, agreeing with other, recent, similar reports. […]


Condo Prices Continue to Climb in October in Edmonton

Single family home sales in October were well ahead of last October in Edmonton. There were 842 sales of single family homes in October, up 11% from last October. Perhaps we will see a stronger than normal end to 2014.       Condo sales were slightly lower than last October in Edmonton, there were […]


Metro Edmonton Real Estate Market Anything but Mediocre

There is quite a debate underway about our national housing situation. While some economists call the market “mediocre at best” in most cities other than Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, Edmonton seems to be flying under their radar (as it often does). Meanwhile Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver is down playing fears of a housing bubble in Canada, […]


Record Single Family Home Sales in Edmonton in September

Single Family Home Sales Well, I wasn’t expecting to see an increase in single family home sales in September compared to August. September is one of the harder months to predict, but we typically see declining sales in the fall months. I especially wasn’t expecting to see a new record set for single family home […]


Population Growth Boosts Edmonton Real Estate Market

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton released their monthly update on the real estate market in the Greater Edmonton Area today, showing rising prices and a tighter inventory of homes on the market. So far this year, the total value of residential real estate sales through the Edmonton Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) System has increased almost 14% […]

Luxury Home Sales up 33% in Edmonton

Real Estate sales in Edmonton continued to follow the expected seasonal trend in August, once again at higher levels than we’ve seen for a number of years. With the census data for Edmonton released last week, it’s no surprise sales are ahead of previous years, as the population of Edmonton grew by 60,000 people in […]

Real Estate Sales Surpass Previous 6 Years in July

According to a report released by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton yesterday, residential real estate sales last month totalled 2013 sales in July, up 9.7% over last July. In fact, they were ahead of the past 6 July’s in the Greater Edmonton Area. As we reported last week, there was a large increase in condo sales in July, […]

Condo Sales Take Off in Edmonton

” In Canada there’s Alberta, and there’s everywhere else.” Financial Post, July 23 2014 “Alberta Highest Vacancy Rate of Unfilled Jobs. 63,000 Positions Available in the Province.” Calgary Herald, July 28, 2014 “Alberta Leads Country in Job Creation Thanks to ‘Perfect Storm’ of Economic Facts.” Edmonton Journal, July 11, 2014 Those three headlines pretty much […]

Residential Real Estate Sales up 9.8% in the Greater Edmonton Area

We’ve reached the mid-way point for 2014, everything tends to slow down from here on out in terms of the real estate market in Edmonton. The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton has released their monthly reported on the real estate market in the Greater Edmonton Area, here are our findings based on their release. Market Snapshot There […]

Record Number of Single Family Home Sales in Edmonton in June

As we expected, the market peaked in June this year; a new record was set in June for single family home sales in Edmonton. Thankfully the market in June was nothing like the market when the previous record was set (back in May of 2006) when you expected multiple offers on every home, and were […]

Average Prices Reach All Time High in Greater Edmonton in May

It’s not just the Edmonton real estate market that’s hot, the whole region is in the midst of a growth spurt. According to a report released by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton today, the areas surrounding Edmonton account for a large portion of the increase in sales overall.  “The most active regions are St. Albert and […]

Real Estate Market Red Hot in Edmonton in May

The real estate market was hot in Edmonton in May. Buyers (and their agents) had to move quickly if they were interested in a property, and many had to write offers on 3, 4 or more homes before getting one accepted. We noticed a lot of properties that had been sitting on the market for […]

Average Sale Price Reaches Record High in Greater Edmonton Area in April

It’s taken a long time for prices to rebound from the peak we saw in 2007, and unlike Calgary and Vancouver where prices have dramatically risen and fallen, we’ve seen a slow and steady rise over the past few years. A record number of people relocated to Alberta in 2013, and real estate sales in […]

Record Setting Single Family Home Sales in Edmonton in April

In April, the real estate market in Edmonton was hot… very hot. In fact, we haven’t seen so many single family homes change hands through the MLS® system since May, 2007. Single Family Home Sales 1048 single family homes sold in Edmonton in April, up 15.9% from last April, and the most we’ve seen in […]

Sales Surge in Energetic Edmonton Real Estate Market

  Market Snapshot March Real Estate sales in the Greater Edmonton area were up 9.8% from last March. 1647* residential listings sold in the Greater Edmonton Area in March - the most sales we’ve seen in March in at least 7 years. Residential Sales The average residential sale price was up 2% from last March at […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market is No Joke

Ok so it’s not just our office that’s busy. Just kidding The last time we saw over 800 sales of single family homes in the month of March was in 2007 when there were 874 sales. We didn’t quite hit the level of sales we saw in 2007, but we came close in March. There […]