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All the content on this blog is a reflection of the authors and our company. As such, we reserve the right to edit and delete comments, and will block those who repeatedly break the rules from participating at all. When a comment is deleted we will explain why it was deleted if possible. We will not delete comments simply because we disagree with them, but will do so if they break the code of conduct – whether the comment agrees with our position or not.

We believe that setting standards for acceptable behaviour on our blog is condusive to free speech, not damaging to it. By creating an environment where all participants feel safe to express themselves, we believe more people will feel comfortable commenting on our blog.

Many members of the blogging community are working together to create a blogging code of conduct which is a flexible set of rules that blog owners can adopt for their own blogs. We have borrowed heavily from the Bloggers Code of Conduct creating the following code for this blog and reserve the right to change it at any time:

  1. Responsibility for our own words
  2. Nothing we wouldn’t say in person
  3. No anonymous comments
  4. Block the Trolls
  5. Discretion to delete comments
  6. Think twice – post once
  7. Credit your source – don’t copy and paste

Responsibility for our own words:

We strive to post high quality, acceptable content, and we will delete unacceptable comments. We define unacceptable comments as anything included (but not limited to) or linked to that:

  • is being used to abuse, harass, stalk, or threaten others
  • is libelous or knowingly false
  • infringes upon any copyright, trademark or trade secret of any third party. (If you quote or excerpt someone’s content, it is your responsibility to provide proper attribution to the original author. For a clear definition of proper attribution and fair use, please see The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Legal Guide for Bloggers.)
  • violates an obligation of confidentiality
  • violates the privacy of others
  • contains curse words, name-calling, personal attacks or is offensive
  • is clearly just an advertisement for another company
  • breaks the Realtor Code of Ethics

We define and determine what is “unacceptable content” on a case-by-case basis, and our definitions are not limited to this list. If we delete a comment or link, we will say so and explain why.

Nothing we wouldn’t say in person:

Your right to swing your fist ends where someone else’s nose begins. We must be as responsible and civil here as we are in the real world, and as civilized citizens we should follow some rules. We aim to create a civil online society where people feel as free and protected as we feel in the real world by our neighbours. The doctrine of ‘agree to disagree’ applies.

No Anonymous comments, No impersonating another person

We require commenters to supply a valid email address before they can post. We allow commenters to use an alias. Purposely misrepresenting yourself by posting under another person’s name or alias will not be tolerated.

Block the Trolls

A troll is someone who deliberately posts derogatory or inflammatory comments in order to bait other users into responding. Trolls really make this blog no fun at all. We`ve received numerous requests from our readers to get rid of trolls; they make our day miserable and encourage the sane commenters to stop coming back to our blog.

Discretion to delete comments

We take responsibility for what appears on this blog and retain sole discretion for determining whether a particular comment is unacceptable.

Think Twice, Post Once

Before hitting “submit” think twice about what you are trying to say and ask yourself “Is this how/what I want to be conveyed?” Also ask yourself if you think you would want to take your words back at any time in the future. If the answer to the last question is “possibly” or “yes” then don’t hit submit.

Credit Your Source – Don’t Copy and Paste

It’s great when commenters find interesting information and articles on other sites. When you do, please include a link to the article and refrain from copying and pasting the entire article into the comments box. If there is a particular point or idea from the article you are interested in feel free to paste that part of the article with a link to the full article. 

Lastly, we can’t humanly monitor the comments 24/7. We reserve the right to make a mistake (ie not delete a comment that violates our code) and to take a vacation (ie sometimes it may take some time to delete comments that violate our code).

Thank you for reading our blog, commenting on our blog and especially for following the “blogger” code of conduct.