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Choosing The Best Window Coverings For Your Condo

Condo life in many ways represents a unique way of urban living. Condo owners have a considerable advantage over suburbanites in terms of always being mere steps away from where the action is; residing where the pulse of the city can be taken regularly and the notion of “too short notice” has no impact on one’s social scene. […]

Want to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal? Think Concrete!

When you think of improving your home’s curb appeal, what comes to mind? Most homeowners immediately think of trimmed hedges, a fresh coat of paint and strategically placed potted plants or flowers. But did you know that an inspired concrete project can dramatically improve the value and curb appeal of your home? Here are three creative ways […]

4 Easy Ways to Instantly Make Your House Look More Expensive

You don’t have to pay a pretty penny for your home to make it look like you did. There are plenty of upgrades you can make on your own that’ll give your pad that upscale touch without breaking the bank. Some of them are easy to implement, too, which means you could dedicate a weekend […]

Why a “Subject to Sale” Condition is Rarely Your Best Option

What do you do when you find the perfect home, but you haven’t sold your current home? Most people consider putting an offer on their dream home, with a “subject to the sale of the buyer’s home” condition. However, this scenario is probably not your best option. A “subject to sale” condition means that the […]

Fun Things You Can Do on the Edmonton Maps Web Site

The City of Edmonton has an amazing maps web site, where you can find out all kinds of information about your property, or properties you may be interested in. For example, did you know you can see the assessed values of every property in a neighbourhood with just a few clicks? Just go to click […]

Creative Ways to Decorate a Home With Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is all the rage now. It comes in a variety of colors, so you aren’t stuck with plain old black. It’s become such a popular choice partially because it is so easy to work with. It requires virtually no preparation, since it adheres to almost any surface – including glossy paints. With almost […]

Calling All Classics – Five Classic, Time-Honored Home Decor Looks that aren’t Boring

When it comes to home décor, there’s a reason that some time-honored designs continue to have longevity, making their way into modern homes and enduring over the years. While some older home designs are outdated and boring, you can still implement classic designs in order to have a look that never goes out of style. […]

Alternative Solutions for Leaky Basements

It’s that time of year, when basement problems come to light, and water shows up where it doesn’t belong. Nothing scares people away from a home more frequently than water and cracks in basements. Water can cause incalculable damage to a home, but it’s bound to show up sometime if precautions aren’t taken. Typical preventative measures […]

Liv REAL 3D: The Future of Shopping for Homes is Here

We’re extremely excited to announce our newest innovation: Liv REAL 3D. You can now view 3D models of our listings on your mobile device or computer, and virtually walk through the homes. We are the first brokerage in the Edmonton area to be able to offer this technology on all of our listings, as we […]

Moving into an Old House? The First Five Improvements You’ll Need to Make

Whether you enjoy antique architecture, vintage design, or historic neighbourhoods, you might find yourself buying an older home at some point. Old homes have plenty of romance and charm, but it will take a little work to make them comfortable and functional. If you are moving into an old house, and need to prepare the area for living, […]

Five Easy Solutions to Make Your Tiny Kitchen More Family Friendly

The kitchen is often viewed as the heart of the home. For a lot of families, the kitchen is one of the most highly populated areas where meals concocted and devoured, company comes to visit, and memories are made. Consequently, it can also be the place with the most traffic. If you have a tiny kitchen, it […]

Five Ways Selling a Condo in Edmonton is Different from Selling a House

When it comes to the Edmonton real estate market, there are plenty of things to know, especially since it is constantly changing. The market for single family homes is always slightly different than the condo market, which keeps buyers and sellers constantly on their toes. If you have experience selling a detached house in Edmonton, […]

5 Things Millennials Look for in Home Design

Millennials are now between the ages of 14 and 34; this puts more than half of them at an age to purchase a home. In fact, according to the Census Bureau, 36 percent of Americans under the age of 35 own a home. Although that figure is smaller than previous generations of home buyers, the […]

5 reasons to use consumer reviewed and rated agents

Many real estate agents show testimonials from past clients on their web sites and other marketing materials. Less common, are third party verified ratings. The difference is that agents can pick and choose the best testimonials to post on their web sites, and skip the lousy ones, where verified ratings include all responses good or […]

Freak events happen: 6 things to do in a disaster

Even in the best of circumstances something, can go awry. You are just about to take possession of your new property and everything is going great. Negotiations went smoothly and so you expect things to keep rolling along. What happens if something does go terribly wrong just days before possession? A heavy rain that leaks […]

Done with Dull Doors? Smart Tips for Painting Old Doors to Look Like New

You’ve probably caught on to the DIY painting craze as you see Pinterest projects and YouTube tutorials in which homeowners easily transform their furniture, cabinetry, and old doors by applying a DIY paint job. But is it really as easy as it looks? Well, while these projects are relatively inexpensive and easy, it takes more […]

Five Weekend Projects That Can Transform Any Bathroom And Increase Your Home’s Value

The bathroom is often said to be the hardest working room in your house. It is used multiple times a day and must strike a balance between beauty and function. Since it is a relatively small room, making changes that will transform the space and improve the value of your home can often be done […]

Common Misconceptions About Real Estate

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO, similar to RECA in Alberta & regulates the real estate industry) recently surveyed Ontario homeowners and found some surprising results; the average homeowner doesn’t know very much about the process of buying and selling a home. Ok, maybe it’s not that surprising, but there are definitely some basic […]

5 Common Renovation Problems and Solutions

Whether you’re remodelling to enhance your family’s treasured home it’s bound to be a vast undertaking. To adequately prepare yourself for the project that lies ahead, consider the following common renovation problems and the best solutions to fix them. Beware of Hidden Issues Sometimes, once the renovation project is underway, problems surface that require further […]

Send the Clutter Packing: How to Put an End to Your Packrat Habits

Image credit:BradensGrace via Etsy Every home is plagued with clutter in some form or another. If you have a packed house and a busy family, your home will hardly ever be pristine—however, if you have packrat tendencies, it can seem impossible to ever achieve any kind of order in the house. If your stuff is starting […]