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Basement Renovations Pay Off

Basement development in progress. Photo credit: BPI Inc. If you are considering finally finishing your basement or if your basement is in desperate need of an upgrade, you can expect a great return on investment for your basement development in Edmonton. For far less money than other major home addition projects, you can add substantial square footage […]

Bonuses, Kickbacks, and Other Things We Don’t Take

Liv Real Estate agents do not take bonuses from builders or sellers. If a bonus or incentive is offered, we discuss it with our client up front, find out how they want it handled, and either negotiate it off the price or give it to our clients after closing. If you’re not familiar with what […]

3 Signs Your Parging Needs to be Replaced

Whether or not you’re planning to sell your Edmonton home, the care and attention you pay to the exterior finishes tell the world a story. This guest post from Edmonton parging experts, J and J Coatings, gives you three clear signs that it’s time to replace at least one of those finishes. We all know that Edmonton winters […]

Signs a home needs a new roof

A properly installed and well-maintained roof can last for over 25 years, but bad installation and low-quality shingles might mean you’ll need to replace your roof much sooner. If you’re interested in buying a home, investigate the condition of the roof and ask the seller how old it is. An Edmonton roofing company might have to repair […]

Price Reductions: How to Get Results in Today’s Market

It’s a funny market in Edmonton right now, a lot of listings are not selling, while many others are selling with multiple offers. We’ve seen agents lined up out front of new listings with clients waiting to get in to show them, while other listings get little to no attention. As always, it comes down to […]

7 things you should do when moving into a new home to improve energy efficiency

Congratulations on your new home! Now that you’re all moved in, there are some things you can do to improve your home’s efficiency, save energy and save money on your monthly bills. 1. Inspect your windows and doors for leaks. Your windows are the main culprit for energy loss in your home. Check all the seals […]

What to Look for When Furniture Shopping

Whether you’re looking to buy fresh furniture for a new home or simply want to replace what you have, furniture shopping is serious business. After all, a good-quality couch or recliner can last 15, 20 or even 30 years. You need to find one comfortable and appealing enough to live happily with over time. In […]

Real Estate Prices Stable in Greater Edmonton Area, Despite High Supply & Low Demand

  Based on year over year comparisons, we’ve seen lower sales and higher inventory every month for over a year, and yet, prices are holding relatively stable in the greater Edmonton area. The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton released their monthly report on the real estate market in the Greater Edmonton area today, pointing out the substantial increase […]

How to Spring Clean & Become a Minimalist

Spring is almost upon us, and with it comes the need to freshen up your home. A good spring cleaning helps you to focus yourself and clear away unnecessary physical and emotional clutter in your day-to-day life. To ensure that your work isn’t for nothing and that everything doesn’t just pile up again, you may […]

Features That Home Buyers Want in 2016

Buying a home is a big leap, so it is no surprise that buyers can be picky when it comes to their choices. Their desires evolve during the years, alongside their needs, and now a fancy kitchen and hardwood floors are just part of what today’s buyers are looking for. When selling your home, you […]

Home Buyers Can’t Find What They’re Looking For, in Edmonton

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton released their monthly report on the Greater Edmonton Area real estate market today, saying buyers in the Edmonton area are being a little more cautious these days: “Sales volumes are down, relative to the same time last year,” REALTORS® Association of Edmonton Chair Steve Sedgwick explains. “It is likely that home […]

3 Tips to Functional and Stylish Garage Organization

Garage organization is often the last thing on our to-do list. Although it is frequently the first part of our home we enter or exit as we are coming or going, we use it most often to throw our tools and junk into. Our garages can become dark and unwelcoming. However, why not make this […]

Your Home Didn’t Sell, Now What?

The real estate market in Edmonton can be a tough one for sellers right now. Consider this, in 2015, only 54% of MLS® listings in the Greater Edmonton Area actually sold! Think about that, almost half of the listings, didn’t sell last year. If you’re among the 46%, what do you do now? If you’re […]

Why a House Cracks: When to Be Concerned and What to Do

Wait… What’s that on the ceiling? Is that a crack? Is the ceiling about to cave in? What does it mean? Cracks in the foundation, ceiling or walls are worrying. Sometimes they’re signs of trouble, while often they’re just cosmetic issues. The simple ones are do-it-yourself projects. However, in certain cases you’ll need professionals to […]

7 Steps for Water Damage Cleanup

Your basement is flooded. Your bedroom is swimming in rainwater. Your child’s playroom has two inches of water on the floor. Water damage can certainly do a number your home, but these 7 steps will help you mitigate the headache. 1. Call Your Insurance Company Depending on how your water damage occurred, most insurance policies will cover cleanup, but […]

Sustainable Living in Edmonton: Steps You Can Take to Turn Your House Into a Homestead

Sustainable living is all about reducing your carbon footprint and taking care not to waste precious natural resources. One big way you can tread more lightly on the planet is to take steps to convert your property into a self-sufficient homestead. If the idea of homesteading conjures up images of giving up cable and living […]

Instant Deal Breakers: 5 Things that turn away buyers

When trying to sell your home, it is imperative that you keep the buyer in mind. This does sometimes mean that you may have to live uncomfortably or invest your own money into a property that you hope to sell. When preparing to sell your home, keep the following deal breakers in mind to sell […]

The Case of the Disappearing Fence

“My fence was stolen.” That’s not a call you have to deal with very often, but it’s a call I recently received from a client. It wasn’t April Fool’s Day, my clients weren’t drunk, but they did in fact say: “We woke up this morning, looked out the window, and the fence was gone.” What […]

Choosing The Best Window Coverings For Your Condo

Condo life in many ways represents a unique way of urban living. Condo owners have a considerable advantage over suburbanites in terms of always being mere steps away from where the action is; residing where the pulse of the city can be taken regularly and the notion of “too short notice” has no impact on one’s social scene. […]

Want to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal? Think Concrete!

When you think of improving your home’s curb appeal, what comes to mind? Most homeowners immediately think of trimmed hedges, a fresh coat of paint and strategically placed potted plants or flowers. But did you know that an inspired concrete project can dramatically improve the value and curb appeal of your home? Here are three creative ways […]