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How to Protect Yourself from Shoddy New Home Construction

A recent article in the Calgary Herald brought up a rather scary situation for some Calgary homeowners. The couple in the article bought a new home, from a builder, and moved in last spring. They decided to move to a new home, on “higher ground” because they were hit by the 2013 floods in Calgary and didn’t […]

If it Seems Too Good to be True, it Probably is

We’ve all heard the old adage a million times, and it’s particularly true when it comes to real estate. If you see a home that’s priced waaaay below everything else that seems “comparable” on the market, there’s a reason; probably a “very expensive” reason. It’s also true when you see unbelievable claims about investments. I […]

Update: New Edmonton MLS® Listing Search Site is Here!

Our Edmonton area MLS® Listing Search web site just got a major upgrade. Along with a completely new look and feel, visitors to the site will experience the most powerful MLS® listing search available in the Edmonton area. The new search bar, which appears on almost every page, offers many more detailed search options than were […]

Why a House Cracks: When to Be Concerned and What to Do

Wait… What’s that on the ceiling? Is that a crack? Is the ceiling about to cave in? What does it mean? Cracks in the foundation, ceiling or walls are worrying. Sometimes they’re signs of trouble, while often they’re just cosmetic issues. The simple ones are do-it-yourself projects. However, in certain cases you’ll need professionals to […]

Big Change for REALTORS® in Edmonton This Weekend

REALTORS® in Edmonton are scrambling this week, and it’s not because of the market. No its because their whole world is about to be turned upside down, inside and out. For the last 10 years, on a daily basis, I and all the other members of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton, accessed MLS® data through a program called […]

Design Ideas for Modern Living

We live in a weird world of interior design ideas. In the push to be “modern”, boundaries are being pushed further than ever. Furniture that doubles as a radiator? Check. Fireplaces in bathrooms? Check. Mirrors walls, ceilings and floors? Check! These and many more attention grabbing modern ideas can make it intimidating to get into interior design in […]

Sustainable Living in Edmonton: Steps You Can Take to Turn Your House Into a Homestead

Sustainable living is all about reducing your carbon footprint and taking care not to waste precious natural resources. One big way you can tread more lightly on the planet is to take steps to convert your property into a self-sufficient homestead. If the idea of homesteading conjures up images of giving up cable and living […]

Instant Deal Breakers: 5 Things that turn away buyers

When trying to sell your home, it is imperative that you keep the buyer in mind. This does sometimes mean that you may have to live uncomfortably or invest your own money into a property that you hope to sell. When preparing to sell your home, keep the following deal breakers in mind to sell […]

The Case of the Disappearing Fence

“My fence was stolen.” That’s not a call you have to deal with very often, but it’s a call I recently received from a client. It wasn’t April Fool’s Day, my clients weren’t drunk, but they did in fact say: “We woke up this morning, looked out the window, and the fence was gone.” What […]

Construction is Underway at Blatchford

As many are aware, the former downtown Edmonton airport is being transformed into one of the largest sustainable developments in the world. The city of Edmonton recently broke ground in Blatchford, and has begun the first phase of residential development and a section of the central park. Once site grading and excavation for the first stormwater […]

Choosing The Best Window Coverings For Your Condo

Condo life in many ways represents a unique way of urban living. Condo owners have a considerable advantage over suburbanites in terms of always being mere steps away from where the action is; residing where the pulse of the city can be taken regularly and the notion of “too short notice” has no impact on one’s social scene. […]

Top 5 Signs of Foundation Problems on a Home You’re Buying

After looking for what feels like an eternity, you’ve finally found the perfect home, in the perfect neighbourhood and at a surprisingly low price. You feel like the luckiest person on earth until that little voice inside reminds you that “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” It’s very easy to get caught up […]

Want to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal? Think Concrete!

When you think of improving your home’s curb appeal, what comes to mind? Most homeowners immediately think of trimmed hedges, a fresh coat of paint and strategically placed potted plants or flowers. But did you know that an inspired concrete project can dramatically improve the value and curb appeal of your home? Here are three creative ways […]

Leveraging the Power of Ideas

Liv Real Estate partners up with Leverage Global Partners. Leverage is an exclusive group of independent brokers who set themselves apart in their marketplaces, and are leaders in their in innovation and marketing.  Located around the world in places like Beverley Hills, New York City, Paris, London, Tokyo, and now Edmonton, these market leaders are […]

4 Easy Ways to Instantly Make Your House Look More Expensive

You don’t have to pay a pretty penny for your home to make it look like you did. There are plenty of upgrades you can make on your own that’ll give your pad that upscale touch without breaking the bank. Some of them are easy to implement, too, which means you could dedicate a weekend […]

Why a “Subject to Sale” Condition is Rarely Your Best Option

What do you do when you find the perfect home, but you haven’t sold your current home? Most people consider putting an offer on their dream home, with a “subject to the sale of the buyer’s home” condition. However, this scenario is probably not your best option. A “subject to sale” condition means that the […]

Fun Things You Can Do on the Edmonton Maps Web Site

The City of Edmonton has an amazing maps web site, where you can find out all kinds of information about your property, or properties you may be interested in. For example, did you know you can see the assessed values of every property in a neighbourhood with just a few clicks? Just go to click […]

Creative Ways to Decorate a Home With Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is all the rage now. It comes in a variety of colors, so you aren’t stuck with plain old black. It’s become such a popular choice partially because it is so easy to work with. It requires virtually no preparation, since it adheres to almost any surface – including glossy paints. With almost […]

Hard-To-Finance Homes

From time to time we come across properties that are difficult, if not impossible, to finance – even for very well qualified buyers. This is often a source of frustration for home buyers who have great, well-paying jobs, excellent credit, plenty of equity for a down payment and all of their ducks in a row. […]

Connect with the Business Community at the Spring After Business Mixer and Tradeshow

There are some things in life that you simply can never cross off of your to-do list, and networking is one of them. Professional networking is a necessity, and it requires regular effort in order for you to enjoy on-going results. It is a good idea to update your professional calendar with new networking events […]