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5 Signs There’s Something Wrong with Your Plumbing

You probably don’t think about your plumbing system very often, until there is a problem! Once you do detect an issue, it should get your immediate attention. Putting off repairing your plumbing could result in expensive water damage and even more costly repairs. It’s also important to look for plumbing issues in a home you […]

Common Pests Affecting Edmonton Homeowners

Situated on the North Saskatchewan river, Edmonton, AB, attracts many pests. Mosquitoes are especially prevalent in the area, drawn to humidity and standing water. Another major problem for residents, ants frequently invade homes in the area. Lured into buildings by spilled grease, sweets, meats, and crumbs, Pharaoh ants will nest inside year-round. Carpenter ants are […]

Advantages of a New Concrete Driveway

If your driveway is cracked, sinking in areas and generally looking worse-for-wear, it might be time for a new concrete driveway. Not only will a new driveway improve curb appeal, it will also boost resale value, make shoveling snow easier and give you extra space to park your vehicles. Photo Credit: Con-Tile Industries Here are […]

Crucial Steps To Take Before Any Home Renovation

Planning a renovation project in your home can be especially challenging if you’re living there while the work is being done. Add a couple kids and pets to the mix and you’ve got yourself a very chaotic household. Whether you’re doing the work yourself or hiring a contractor, once your project is underway even simple […]

Why You Should Build a Deck

Building a deck will enhance your outdoor living space by giving you a place to relax, dine, entertain and spend time as a family. Building a deck will increase your own personal enjoyment of your yard and will also enhance the value of your home. Photo credit: Alberta Vinyl Decking & Railing Ltd. Here are […]

Live in Luxury & Convenience with Home Automation

Home automation allows you to control systems in your home with a touch of a button. Where the first home automation systems were controlled only by a central panel, the latest in automation and mobile technology now allows homeowners to control their system from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Home automation in Edmonton […]

Is it time to replace your windows?

If you have older windows or if they are damaged, you could be losing a lot of energy and should consider a window replacement. Some tell-tale signs that your windows need replacing include: fog or condensation build up rot or mould on wooden window frames obvious warping or damage to the frame drafts cracked or […]

Should I Re-Roof In Winter: Snowmen vs. Shingles

Winter is best spent drinking hot chocolate and building snowmen, not re-roofing your house. Benoit Gosselin, operating manager at Safe Roofing Edmonton lists three main reasons why you should postpone your re-roofing project until springtime: Asphalt shingles become brittle when the temperature drops below 10 degrees centigrade. As such, bending, throwing and nailing shingles during […]

Cabinet Refacing Can Help Sell Your Home

What your kitchen looks like will play a major role in how fast you sell your home. An experienced real estate agent will tell you that the kitchen is the first room a potential buyer will look at when they are investigating your home, either online or during a showing. Photo Credit: Gem Cabinets Kitchen […]

Housing Forecast Seminar: Live Blog

Today we’re attended the always informative Housing Forecast Seminar put on by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton. We always get tons of insight on the market and what to expect at the seminar that I’ll be sharing here. James Mabey; Chair, REALTORS® Association of Edmonton Single-family home sales were down 5.4% in 2016 compared to […]

The Importance of Regular Furnace Maintenance

Your heating system works hard during the winter to keep your home warm and comfortable. The last thing you want is for your furnace to break down in the middle of winter. Just like caring for anything mechanical, you should check and maintain your heating system, at least once a year, to keep it running […]

How to Get a Good Return on Investment with a Bathroom Renovation

Photo Credit: D-Trac Construction Any experienced real estate agent will tell you that the two rooms a home buyer will look at first when interested in a home for sale are the kitchen and the bathroom. If your bathroom is outdated and you want to improve your home’s resale value you should consider a minor […]

An Expert’s View Through Homeowners’ Windows

When Edmonton residents consider replacing or adding new windows to their home, they often struggle with finding the best place to start. Matan Korin, project manager at Ecoline Windows offers his expert advice on finding the right window company to help homeowners save time, avoid frustration and stay within budget. Ecoline Windows opened in 2001, […]

Alberta Building Code Protects New Homes from Radon Gas

What is radon gas? Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas that comes from the ground. You cannot see or smell it. When inhaled, radon breaks down into further radioactive particles, releasing burst of radioactivity that can cause injury to lung tissue. Exposure to high levels of radon causes lung cancer, the second leading cause after […]

When your dream home needs an electrical upgrade

You’ve been searching for a new home for you and your family and you’ve finally found the perfect fit! You’re able to check off all your must-haves including number of bedrooms and bathroom, style and layout, outdoor space and it’s in an ideal neighbourhood. When you had the home inspected you discovered that your dream […]

Coming Soon Listings – How and Why to Do it Right

There is a bit of a debate going on amongst real estate agents about “coming soon” listings. Many are opposed to the practice because they think listing agents are trying to cut buyer’s agents out, and in some cases they probably are. However, coming soon listings, when done right, are very effective. What do I […]

7 Home Improvements Your Friends Will Want to Copy

With historically low mortgage interest rates encouraging many Edmonton homeowners to refinance their mortgages, many are taking advantage of the substantial savings they’ve earned to reinvest in their homes. If you’re one of those forward-thinking owners who is considering a home renovation project but isn’t sure what to do, you’ll want to choose something that […]

Tips for Saving Money on Your Home Insurance

When you’re buying a home, you’re probably thinking about how to best protect your new investment without breaking the bank. A good home insurance policy will not only protect your home. It will also cover damage to the building, your belongings, and your financial wellbeing, should someone suffer an injury on your property. We spoke […]

Window Replacement 101: Energy Efficiency, Window Options & Cost

Are you an Edmonton homeowner considering replacing windows in your residence? Whether you’ve just started the process or have been putting it off because you think it’s too complicated or expensive, this window replacement guide will help. This comprehensive outline will identify in simple terms the methods for attaining various levels of energy efficiency, compare […]

Fall Prep for Spring Listings

When people are looking for a house to buy, regardless of their criteria and how long they’ve been searching, the one that knocks their socks off at the curb is the one they know is right. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the fiftieth house they’ve seen, it’s just a gut feeling that […]