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He’ll huff, and he’ll puff and…

…he won’t blow this house down! Recently I was showing properties to a young couple in the university area and we came across what I can only describe as a brick palace. I could see this home was not to my clients’ taste, but I was supremely intrigued. It’s not often that I blog about another […]

Home Inspection Tips – For Home Owners

Home inspections are a written and asked about on this blog fairly frequently, but today we have a home inspection article from a different point of view – the home owner's. The sale of your home often hangs in the balance of the home inspection, so why not do what you can to make the […]

Just How Old is That Building?

If you're looking for a house, one of the criteria you're considering may be the age of the structure. Often we have clients that will consider homes no older than 5, 10 or 20 years old. It's easy for a REALTOR® to set up a search that will automatically only send homes in your desired […]

Top 10 Design Trends for 2010

Next up at the Economic Forecast Seminar was Guy St. Germain, Edmonton Region President of the Canadian Home Builders Association, talking about new home trends.  He mentioned that in Edmonton, starting in Q4 home builders noticed large increases in traffic to their show homes, and by the end of the year unsold inventory was down […]

Are you screwed? Really, really screwed? 5 things to make your home safer

In Edmonton we had a pretty big snow storm on December 4th.  The City of Edmonton police were busy handling all kinds of traffic related issues, but that wasn't the only issue they were handling.  B and E's ("break and entering" for those of you less familiar with the term than I), were up significantly […]

Top 5 Painting Mistakes

As a proud supporter of locally owned business we are very happy to have Steve Kennett a professional painter and owner of Five Star Painting provide this post.  Steve has helped many home owners utilize one of the most cost effective tools to improve a properties value, Paint. Steve has given us his list of the 5 […]

Tips and Tricks on Appliances

In some places appliances are never included with the sale of a home. The sellers in those places haul them out of the house even if they’re not worth the gas to lug them away. In the years I’ve worked with buyers relocating to Edmonton, some have been surprised to find the appliances are included. […]

Have a Woman Look Over Your Home Renovation Plans!

How Much Value Does Landscaping Add To A Home?

The value of landscaping is truly in the eye of the beholder – one person’s paradise may be another person’s wasteland. A beautifully landscaped yard loaded with perrenials and vegetables may appeal to someonewith a green thumb, but won’t appeal to those who don’t enjoy or have time for gardening. Of course the opposite can […]

Flipping No No’s in Edmonton

If you are on one of those enterprenurial types who buys properties that need some work and then sells them after the work is done, then you’ll be interested in the following information.  This information comes from years of experience, and a few hard knocks of our own.  So if your interested in your Edmonton […]

Your fall home-maintenance checklist

It’s time once again to get ready for winterBy Paul BianchinaInman News Fall is already in the air, which means that another chilly winter can’t be too far behind. So before the cold weather arrives and you snuggle up indoors again, here’s your annual checklist of things to do to get your home ready for […]