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Choosing The Best Window Coverings For Your Condo

Condo life in many ways represents a unique way of urban living. Condo owners have a considerable advantage over suburbanites in terms of always being mere steps away from where the action is; residing where the pulse of the city can be taken regularly and the notion of “too short notice” has no impact on one’s social scene. […]

Five Easy Solutions to Make Your Tiny Kitchen More Family Friendly

The kitchen is often viewed as the heart of the home. For a lot of families, the kitchen is one of the most highly populated areas where meals concocted and devoured, company comes to visit, and memories are made. Consequently, it can also be the place with the most traffic. If you have a tiny kitchen, it […]

New Downtown Edmonton Condos: How many condos are too many?

Image Credit: There is a lot of excitement going on in downtown Edmonton, with billions of dollars of projects underway like the Arena and the Museum. Along with that comes a wave of new condo projects, from developers locally and across the country. Our skyline is undergoing a major upgrade. “It all amounts to an […]

Five Ways Selling a Condo in Edmonton is Different from Selling a House

When it comes to the Edmonton real estate market, there are plenty of things to know, especially since it is constantly changing. The market for single family homes is always slightly different than the condo market, which keeps buyers and sellers constantly on their toes. If you have experience selling a detached house in Edmonton, […]

Beware of Condo Insurance Charge Backs; Protect Yourself

Nothing beats kicking up your heels onto your coffee table and having a cold drink after a long day in your own condo while you enjoy the scenic view. I mean, you’ve done your due diligence right? You had the place inspected professionally, had your condo documents reviewed by professionals, your lender had no issues […]