The 5 biggest decorating mistakes people make

There are hundreds of mistakes people make every day when decorating and arranging their houses and apartments. It is upsetting when you realise you have just spent lots of time and money to end up being told your décor, arrangement or colours don’t match. Decorating mistakes are very easily made and most of us will have made them in our lifetimes. With a bit of planning and preparation the following mistakes could be easily avoided.

Painting a room


Painting a space in your house can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Some people get so excited they choose their colours and purchase the paint before they have moved into their new house or before they have purchased their new furniture. Make sure you leave choosing the colour and type of paint to last. A large amount of people choose colours first, meaning they are limited to the different options they have when choosing furniture and décor.

By choosing the paint first you might end up spending a large amount of money on paint and then end up frustrated and stressed with the end result, and even buying a different paint and repainting it all.

At the same time do not be afraid of colour as it adds character to your house/apartment. Most new houses are painted in white, beige or cream colours to provide a base for individuals to create a home to suit their tastes. Try introducing a little bit of colour into your home. Although colour is good, your should look to avoid having too many colours or patterns in one room as it can make your décor distracting to the eye and look busy and crowded.

It is worth noting that colours look different in different lights so be aware. It is often worth painting a little patch to test first before painting the entire room.

Wrong sized furniture

Before purchasing furniture ensure you have sufficiently planned in advance. The last thing that you want to avoid doing is purchasing furniture that is the wrong size. Very often people end up going home with furniture that will not fit through the doors or window of the house. Keep a measuring tape to hand when purchasing furniture and you will avoid any disappointment when your furniture is delivered.The next problem appears when you get your furniture home. Sometime, new furniture can end up making rooms look crowded and leaving limited space. You should arrange your furniture so it looks aesthetically pleasing but still leaves plenty of space for living. Furniture should complement the room rather than damage the space and make it look cluttered.


Plan out the space you have available, maybe on a piece of paper to start with. Take all the measurements of the actual room and space you have available to ensure you don’t buy the wrong furniture.

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When accessories become too much

How many cushions and accessories do you have in your living room? Accessories add character and personality to a space, but people can sometime get carried away with a particular look or theme and go overboard with it.


It is common for people to use cushions, photo frames, and ornaments to decorate their living rooms and other social areas of their homes. We know that all those things are important for you, however, if you cannot lie down on your coach because you have ten cushions in your way or you cannot place a glass of water on the coffee table because it is covered in photo frames and ornaments, then you clearly have way too much clutter about. Clutter again will make homes look untidy and too busy.

Keep accessories to a minimum so you can still express your character and make your home your own, but at the same time keep it free from becoming cluttered. Too many photos and paintings on the wall can also look busy and distracting so choose your favourite ones and place all the rest in a box especially designated for things like photos, cards and letters.

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Ignoring the foyer


The foyer will give your guests the first statement about your house and will give them an impression on who you are. It doesn’t need to be anything too impressive and it shouldn’t require a large investment. Why not try adding a bit of colour to the walls and hanging a beautiful painting or gorgeous mirror – mirrors give the impression of more space.

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Undressed Cables


Is there anything worse than having undressed wires tangled up all across a room? Firstly it makes the room look messy and secondly it is a health and safety hazard, with the possibility of tripping or causing a fire. Exposed cables are a definite no-no if you have small children in the house. We appreciate that most electric appliances come with cables, however, there are easy solutions and steps you can take to avoid these hazards.

You could find a cable cover that matches your furniture and décor or run your wires behind furniture to remove them from sight and peoples feet. Don’t ruin the style and characteristics of your beautifully decorated and arranged room with ugly cables.

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Everyone has their own unique style so you need to ensure you are happy in where you are living. If you are struggling with this, get professional decorating advice as they will have the right experience to solve/prevent most of your DIY and decorating disasters.


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