What You Need to Do for a Long Distance Move

Moving to a new home can be tough. Moving to a new home that’s in a new city can sometimes feel overwhelming and – admittedly – impossible! But have no fear. Even though there is a lot involved with moving to a new city across the country, it’s manageable. Follow these tips to learn five essential things you need to do in order to move long distance:

  • Stay organized. If you’re going to accomplish this feat without a ton of stress, you absolutely must establish a timeline. Begin by listing everything that needs to be done before the move. Then, consider how far in advance each of these list items must be completed. Finally, place each item on the calendar and mark them off as you finish them.

  • Anticipate delays. Part of staying organized is having a Plan B in case your Plan A doesn’t work out. Remember, sometimes things take much longer than you think they should. Build padding into your schedule so you are not working down to the wire – that only causes stress! Furthermore, make sure that each member of your family packs an essentials bag filled with necessary toiletries, food, and clothing.

  • Build a budget. Moving can be costly, but it’s possible to move without breaking the bank. Begin thinking about your budget by considering what it would cost to do everything the way you want. Look for moving calculators online and get quotes from a variety of moving companies to decide how much certain things would cost.
  • Realize you need help. From packing to getting your belongings from Point A to Point B, moving is a lot of work. That’s why you shouldn’t do it alone. Organize a packing party so your friends and family can come assist you with packing up your stuff. Or consider hiring a moving company to pack your belongings, as well as provide extra services like assembly/disassembly, transporting, unpacking, loading/unloading, and more.
  • Prep the entire family. If it was just you moving, things might not be so complicated. But if you’ve got kiddos moving with you, it’s likely you’ll have some pushback – and more complications in general. The best thing you can do is have a sit-down with everyone in your family and chat about your moving plans. Allow the kids to ask questions so they fully understand the reasons for moving, how the move will work, etc. Finally, give each family member a job so everyone can feel invested in the move.
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Moving long distance doesn’t have to be hard. Stay focused, do your research, and get organized – and you’re sure to have a successful move.


David Shapiro, a marketing specialist for moving companies such as North American Van Lines, spends his free time doing outdoor activities like hiking and swimming in the American Southwest.

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