The Pros of Renovating Your Loft Before You Sell in the Edmonton Market

Lofts in Edmonton are some of the most sought-after and unique pieces of property,and have the tendency - when marketed professionally - to sell rather quickly. If you're the owner of a loft in Edmonton, and are preparing to sell your space, you might start thinking about a common question: Is it worth it to renovate before putting your loft on the market? Here are the pros of renovating your loft before you sell in the Edmonton real estate market.

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Make More Money: Increase Your Price

Price is one of the major benefits to homeowners who are renovating their Edmonton lofts before selling. Though some of the rustic aspects are highly sought after when it comes to Edmonton lofts, having renovated kitchens and bathrooms can significantly increase the value of your loft, especially when there are a few comparable properties in your neighbourhood. The key to increasing your list and sell price through renovating your loft is to ensure you're doing a quality but cost-effective renovation, and to also do your research on the market beforehand. We can help point you in the right direction when it comes to cost-effective renovations that appeal to buyers. 

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Move-In Ready: Make Selling Quick and Easy

Another aspect that could be just as important as the actual price you obtain for your property is the pace and ease at which it sells. Having a home for sale on the market for too long can be very inconvenient to some home sellers, especially when they're relocating or planning to purchase another property to better suit their lifestyle or accommodate their growing family. Doing the proper renovations to your Edmonton loft can significantly transform the selling process from something prolonged and frustrating to something easy and efficient. With the proper renovations that make your loft move-in ready, the buyer may be able to complete on the sale faster and will certainly be less inclined to request updates or changes to the loft in the contract.

Appeal to More Buyers: Widen Your Possible Market

When it comes to getting a higher price for your loft in a timely manner, both of your goals are better accomplished when you have a broader range of buyers attracted to your loft. As long as you keep your renovations tidy and modern, but not too specific to a particular taste, you can accomplish this feat quite easily. Thinking of the renovation process as creating a modern and clean slate for the new owners will help you avoid renovation touches that are too specific. A modern and clean atmosphere is something most homebuyers love, as it allows them to envision themselves in the home while offering the versatility to be adapted to their personal tastes.

Deciding whether or not to renovate your loft before putting it on the market can be a tough decision. In order to make the right choice that is specific to your loft, as well as your real estate goals, you should always consider talking to a professional. Once you've done your due diligence, you'll surely be able to make the decision that brings with it plenty of pros in your selling process. Looking to buy a loft in Edmonton? Check out these awesome lofts for sale.


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