Startup Meetups in Edmonton for the New Breed of Entrepreneurs

For new, aspiring entrepreneurs looking to begin their journey in the world of technology and innovation, a local startup meetup is a great way to learn all the latest skills and meet with potential collaborators for future projects. In Edmonton, there are a number of meetups that occur once a month, throughout the year, for anyone attempting to build a startup around a certain idea or project, or for anyone interested in exploring the idea of doing so. Here a few of the most popular gatherings that occur in the city.

Startup Meetups in Edmonton for the New Breed of Entrepreneurs

UX Edmonton for Anyone Passionate about User Experience

One of the best meetups for any entrepreneur who works with user experience is the monthly UX Edmonton meet that occurs in the Startup Edmonton building at 10359 104 Street NW. These UX meetups are the self-proclaimed hubs of activity for the city's community of individuals who either want to work in the field of user experience in a professional fashion or simply want to further their own personal skill sets. Each monthly meetup sees the coming together of some of the area's top designers, developers, researchers, and analysts, all of whom work across a range of different industries that seek to further the user experience concept within existing and emerging technologies. It's UX Edmonton's primary goal to foster an environment in which people can connect with one another while sharing ideas and concepts and learning as many new skills as possible through discussion and analysis of all the latest UX topics. Anyone is welcome to attend. Their next meetup to mark down is taking place on May 27th from 6PM-8PM.

In Depth Discussions at Google Developer Group Edmonton

Another monthly Startups Edmonton gathering for new entrepreneurs, also held at 10359 104 Street NW, is the Google Developer Group. This is a group that meets each month for the express purpose of organizing discussions around Google based technology and platforms and providing a number of resources for anyone looking to build a startup around the particular technologies in question. Potential focuses of the group during any given meetup include technologies such as Android, App Engine, Google Chrome, Maps API, YouTube API, Google Calendar API, or any other Google based service platform. So if you're an entrepreneur with an idea or concept involving the Google framework, or you're simply looking to expand your knowledge of the technology, Google Developer Group Edmonton has an open door policy for anyone looking to attend or contribute. Their next meetup will be occurring on May 6 from 7PM-9PM.

It's All about JavaScript Programming at the Exchange.js Meetups

For Edmonton entrepreneurs currently working with JavaScript on a startup project, or for those looking to do so in the future, the Exchange.js meetup held at Startup Edmonton is the place to be each month. Their meetings include designers and developers who come together to hold dialogues on as many different topics as they can cover within the massive world that is JavaScript programming. Each meetup includes talks intended for beginners, intermediates, and experts in the JavaScript language, which delve into information on such technologies as jQuery, CoffeeScript, and Node.js. Also discussed are the broader trends and news from across the industry. Each meetup is open to all and is great for any entrepreneur looking to collaborate with others on a JavaScript based startup idea. They generally meet on the first Thursday of each month from 6:30PM-8:30PM.

Startup meetups in Edmonton are the perfect mediums through which any aspiring entrepreneur can network with other like-minded people to discuss ideas and concepts related to any field they wish to innovate within. Some of those leading communities in the city include UX Edmonton, Google Developer Group Edmonton, and Exchange.js. Each one provides attendees with an opportunity to participate in a community dedicated to exploring the fastest growing industries that are set to become the workspaces of the newest breed of entrepreneurs.


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