How to Avoid a Flood in Edmonton

It's that time of year again, when basements flood. What can you do to avoid an unplanned basement renovation? The first steps are quite simple, and everyone should take these steps to protect themselves each spring in Edmonton:

1. Make sure your sump pump is working, is free from blockages, and its hoses are not frozen (if you have one). 

2. Check your eaves troughs for blockages, put extensions on the down spouts to move water away from your foundation.

3. Have a look in your attic and check for leaks. 

Any home is in danger of water problems, regardless of where it's located, if it's not maintained properly. Some homes are more likely to experience overland flooding, depending on their locations. So, the Alberta Government has created a nifty, "flood plain map" so you can see the likelihood of getting flooded from overflowing rivers, streams and lakes. It's pretty cool - you can get right down to the lot lines and see whether or not specific homes are in the flood plain.

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Flood Plain Map

Check it out!


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