4 Steps for a Successful Move Out Clean

The following is a guest post submitted by Scrubbi Home Cleaning Services. 

As a house cleaning service we’ve done hundreds of Move Out cleans and have seen all kinds of mistakes that others have made before you. To help you avoid those same mistakes and make sure your Move Out clean stays a stress reducing event, here are 4 Steps for a Successful Move Out Clean.


1. Look For Reliability

So how do you pick out one cleaning service from another?

Look for reviews from people you know like co-workers, neighbors, friends, or family - they’re usually more reliable than the reviews you find online.

If you’re new to the area or don’t know anyone who has had a Move Out clean done before then go with a cleaning company that has a service guarantee. For example at Scrubbi, if you’re not completely happy with the cleaning (ie. some spots were missed) let us know within 24 hours and we’ll send a cleaner back out to clean the missed areas or redo what wasn’t properly cleaned. Click Here to read “The Difference Between Independent Cleaners and Cleaning Companies

2. Book Well in Advance

You won’t believe the number of times we get people calling a day or two before their move out, desperately looking for a house cleaner to come in.

The end of the month is a very busy time for house cleaning companies. On top of their regular weekly and monthly clients they’re adding a sudden influx of Move In or Move Out cleans. As a result, time slots get booked up fast. We highly recommend that you book that Move Out cleaning as soon as you know your move out date.

Another tip is to schedule the cleaners to come in a day after all the boxes and furniture have been moved out. Sometimes movers get delayed and can’t show up at the scheduled time so scheduling the cleaners and movers on the same day is just asking for trouble.

Also try to schedule the movers and cleaners to come in a couple of days before any inspections. That means if your move out day is on the 30th, schedule the movers to come on the 27th and the cleaners on the 28th. This way you have an extra day for any last minute issues that, according to Murphy’s Law of Move Outs, are bound to happen.

3. Preparing For the Move Out

As much as possible have everything boxed up and out of the way. That means that all the cupboards should be empty, the fridge should be empty, the oven should be cool (if you want them to clean it), and the furniture is out of the way.

You also might want to make a list of the items you want cleaned and list them in order of importance. So, for example, if you have a bad back and don’t want to clean the bottom cupboards of the kitchen, put that higher up on the list than wiping the counter tops.

By cleaning some of the easier stuff before they get there you can save the cleaner for the things you don’t want to clean like toilets (or practically anything in the bathroom), the inside and out of the cupboards in the kitchen, etc.

Also check to see if your oven is self cleaning. Many newer stoves have this feature and will save you time and money if your cleaner doesn’t have to do it. Check your manual or look online to see if your model has this feature (and how to use it).

4. Do a Final Walkthrough

Before the cleaner is set to leave, do a quick walkthrough with them to make sure that nothing was missed or not properly cleaned. Look for streaky surfaces or places that were just flat out missed. This is an especially important step if you decide to go with an independent cleaner because if they don’t have a service guarantee, once they leave they consider the service as done and have no further obligation to you.

If you can’t do the walkthrough yourself then have someone you trust do it for you or schedule a cleaning company that has a cleaning service guarantee. You definitely don’t want to be he one scrambling around the day of an inspection re-cleaning what the cleaner missed.

Scrubbi Home Cleaning Services

Scrubbi Home Services is owned and operated by Daniel Deckert and is based out of Surrey, BC. They operate house cleaning services in major Canadian cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and just recently Regina and Saskatoon. Visit their website at: www.scrubbi.com.


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