From Disaster Comes Opportunity

Last week Sara and I were in Calgary for the Art of Leadership conference. The night before the conference we decided to check out a highly recommended restaurant called Mercato. From the get go our server was professional. Walking considerable distances around our extremely long table to make sure the ladies were served first and wine was poured from the appropriate side.

After some exceptional appetizers things took a turn for the worse; Sara’s brutal allergies started acting up (not because of the food). I immediately left the restaurant for the Shoppers Drug Mart down the street to get some Benedryl but it was closed. The Medicine Shoppe across from the restaurant was also closed. When I returned unsuccessfully Jim approached sensing some distress in my face. After I explained the situation he simply and calmly said “don’t worry, sit and enjoy your meal I’ll go get some benedryl for you. It will take about 10 minutes if that’s okay”.

I was floored. Not only had his service been exemplary to that point but he had just taken it into the realm of Exceptional and amazing. Within minutes of having the Benedryl Sara was returning to normal and we all continued to enjoy our delicious meal.

He seized the opportunity to take a potential disaster and turned it into a win, not only for himself but the restaurant. I will be using this shining example of going above and beyond in our office meetings for years to come. This is the memorable kind of service we want to provide to our clients. We truly want our clients to thoroughly enjoy the process of buying or selling your home with us, and when there is a bump in the road we will do our best to make it better whether it's our fault or not.

To cap things off, Jim even went outside to flag down a taxi for us at the end of our meal.

Thanks Mercato and a big thanks to Jim, the one of a kind professional waiter that we will never forget.


Sheldon is very familiar with the ins and outs of real estate; he has been licensed to sell Real Estate in Alberta for over 20 years. Sheldon has served on the Real Estate Council of Alberta, the Real Estate Insurance Exchange and the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton. Find Sheldon on Twitter @edmontonsheldon. Digg

2 Responses to “From Disaster Comes Opportunity”

  1. HarroldNo Gravatar 26. Nov, 2013 at 12:46 pm #

    Inspiring story :) it is true that you have to see the opportunity and the positive side of everything that happens in your life…

  2. LXRYNo Gravatar 14. Dec, 2013 at 3:25 am #

    As i am an real estate investor, i am very much inspired by reading this story a failure there is a win,if there is a mountain there is a valley…