Quick Tips to Organize your Kitchen

I've found a number of pretty neat ideas (pun intended) to better organize your kitchen. Hope you like these ideas as much as I do...


Magnetic primer - who knew? You can now paint your walls magnetic, and this great tip sticks magnetic spice jars from Bed Bath & Beyond onto just about any surface that you paint with magnetic primer. You can even paint with chalkboard paint over the primer and have a magnetic chalkboard! Organize your spices alphabetically so you can find them quickly when you need them. 

Shoe Rack in Pantry

Use a shoe organizer on the back of your pantry door to hold snacks and other small items. This will clear clutter from your pantry shelves. You can put snacks in the lower sections that the kids are allowed to eat to keep them from climbing through your pantry. 

Cupboard Drawers

Turn cupboards into drawers with sliding organizers. You can get so much more space out of your cupboards with this simple solution - no more kitchen gadgets stuck in the back of your cabinets out of site, and no more unloading your entire cupboard to get at the serving dish you haven't used in 6 months because you couldn't find it.

Use inexpensive shelf organizers in your fridge to reduce clutter and maximize storage space. I love the idea of a lazy suzan with all your condiments - just pull out the whole thing and place it on the table for your next bbq.

Fridge Organization
Fridge Organization

Curtain rods as vertical dividers - this great idea can help keep lids, pans, trays and other skinny items neatly contained and organized in your cupboards. The bonus is you don't damage your cabinetry in anyway, so you can easily adjust the space as your needs change. Another great use for tension curtain rodes - hang spray bottles from a rod installed in the cabinet under your sink to keep cleaners organized and easy to find.

undersink spray bottles pantry divider
Clever uses for tension curtain rods


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  1. gobbleygookNo Gravatar 17. Apr, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    Thank you. Good stuff for Spring ideas.