Real Stories: How to turn $1300 into $45,000

As with all the Real Stories we post on this blog, thefollowing is a true story about our clients which they have read,approved and contributed to. Enjoy!


RealstorieslogoMatt had a beautiful bungalow in West Edmonton; when work took him to the West Coast he decided to hang on to the bungalow and rent it out. Within six months the tenants had turned his beautiful bungalow into a not-so-beautiful mess and Matt decided it was time to sell.

He requested an online evaluation through our web site, and interviewed three real estate agents, one of whom was personally recommended to him. The first two agents recommended list prices of $310,000 and $315,000. He then met with us, and we explained our Sell Your Home For More Program and recommended he spend about $1500 updating the home. With the upgrades we recommended a list price of $324,800 and predicted our marketing program would generate a sale price well above the list price.

Matt was only in town for the weekend, so he was not able to replace the carpet in the basement, which was our number one recommendation to get more for his home. We knew that carpet could make the difference between a list price offer, and a multiple offer situation that would drive the price up. So we sourced out the carpet, and an installer and had the new carpet in place the following week for about $1300. With the help of Matt’s parents painting a few areas of the home, making some minor repairs, and cleaning a blue streak, Matt’s home looked fantastic.

A professional virtual tour, video home show, online marketing, and a killer negotiation strategy lead to a sale price of $355,000 – $45,000 more than one of the other agents had suggested and $90,000 higher than comparable homes in the area! Digg

4 Responses to “Real Stories: How to turn $1300 into $45,000”

  1. Peter VenkmanNo Gravatar 20. Mar, 2007 at 4:21 pm #

    This website is nothing but a fear monging blog that always states how people should buy, buy, buy..

  2. MacLennan Sara 20. Mar, 2007 at 4:50 pm #

    We’ve never stated that people should “buy buy buy” on this blog. We present the facts, followed by our opinion on those facts. Interesting you’d choose to write such a silly comment on an article that has nothing to do with buying, but is simply a story about selling a home and making a profit.

  3. JackNo Gravatar 22. Mar, 2007 at 2:39 pm #

    I totally agree with Peter Venkman . To be a professional, you have to be objective. But well.. they are real estate agents, what can you expect them to say? Housing market gonna crash and not to buy?

  4. Master & Master Real Estate Corp.No Gravatar 23. Mar, 2007 at 12:42 am #

    Have you ever seen anyone make $1,000,000 ?

    Want to ?

    We will be releasing 10 progress videos of how we are doing on our million dollar challenge………. One Million Dollars ……… in less than 10 months.

    We will buy it …… Renovate it …… Sell it ….. Profit $1,000,000.